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Our Commercial Electrician With An Electrical Tester At a Mackay Job Site

We Specialise In A Wide Range Of Electrical Services In Mackay

When you need quality, professional and caring commercial electricians in Mackay or the Whitsundays, look no further than Jayden Enterprises. We provide commercial operators, property managers and government bodies with a full range of electrical and solar services.

Our electrical team hold all the necessary qualifications and insurances—not to mention the experience—to successfully complete your project. Electricians complete regular industry training to keep up to date with the latest innovation and trends.

That’s where the team at Jayden Enterprises come in! We provide a full range of electrical and solar services for commercial operators, government entities, property managers and other clients throughout Mackay and the Whitsundays.

To find out more, or to book in a service, call us on (07) 4952 6011 today—we’re here to help!

Our Electrical Suppliers

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General Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

We conduct general electrical repairs and maintenance for commercial and government clients, no matter the complexity of their systems. If you have any problems with your electric network or just need a regular service, Jayden Enterprises is here to help. Our qualified commercial electricians can ensure the safe, smooth operation of your electrical systems and check for any invisible damages.

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Fault Finding

If there’s a faulty circuit or connection in your property, we can investigate to assess the situation and determine the right way to fix any issues. The Jayden Enterprises team has a comprehensive understanding of the faults which develop in commercial buildings, allowing us to take the correct approach and carry out a range of appropriate safety checks.

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Thermographic Scanning & Reporting

We can use thermal imaging to analyse and diagnose issues in a commercial environment, allowing us to check for faulty circuits and connections. Electricity and heat often go hand-in-hand, so any noticeable changes in heat could be a sign that electricity isn’t flowing as it should. Our commercial electricians will be able to spot these discrepancies and investigate to restore the usual flow and voltage.

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Energy Efficient Lighting

By investing in energy-efficient lighting, you’ll notice significant long-term savings, which is especially useful for companies that always have the lights on. Switching to LEDs gives you better environmental performance, and the bulbs have a longer lifespan while giving an even brighter glow.

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New Electrical Appliance Supply & Installation

If your company needs a new commercial appliance to conduct business safely and effectively, we can provide you with an energy-efficient device that we’ll install ourselves. Whatever your company’s needs, we source high-quality appliances that you can trust. Depending on your firm’s size, you might require heavy-duty equipment, and we can make sure you get a good deal on this.

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Electrical Test & Tagging

It’s important to arrange regular checks for the company’s electrical devices to assess their safety, and to make sure they can continue serving you for some time. As businesses usually have intense electrical needs, it’s even more essential that you book these tests with Jayden Enterprises, as these devices could suffer more wear and tear and require servicing more often.

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If you need to add new connections, or otherwise modify your electrical setup, we can inspect your wiring and make any necessary changes. Problems with your wiring could limit your electrical connections, and even stop them altogether, so rewiring helps to update and streamline your system. If your company has exposed cables or limited sockets, it might benefit from rewiring.

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Smoke Alarm Installation & Certification

A functioning smoke alarm is absolutely paramount for any business, even those that don’t regularly work with fire – as every property legally requires a working smoke alarm. We can install and certify your smoke alarm to give you peace of mind about your company’s building. On top of this, we know the best spots to install alarms on your property.

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Safety Switches

Similar to circuit breakers, safety switches keep customers and employees safe in the event of an electric fault, making them possibly life-saving devices. We can install safety switches on your property, or check and repair them to make sure they’re functioning as they should. Jayden Enterprises has the knowledge, and the tools, to give your firm high-quality safety switches.

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Solar Installation & Maintenance

Solar power could be a great investment for your business that effectively pays for itself over time – whilst also showing your company as one committed to environmental practices. We can install commercial solar systems that allow you to reap the same benefits as many other organisations in Mackay and beyond, letting you enjoy the prestige of renewable energy with ease.

One Of Our Mackay Commercial Electricians Replacing An Old Bulb

Affordable & Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors

Our team of commercial electrical contractors at Jayden Enterprises have years of industry experience and we use the latest tools of the trade to carry out our commercial work quickly and effectively. We do our best to perform our services without impeding on your day-to-day operations, letting you focus on the important things without being held back by slow repairs or installations.

What’s more, we provide inherent value through our work by offering affordable services. We don’t overcharge, placing emphasis on providing an exceptional service that is cost-effective and professional. 

Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Commercial Electrical Services

If you would like to know more about our commercial electrical services, or if you’d like to arrange an appointment, all you have to do is get in touch. We’re always happy to answer your questions and can provide professional advice and guidance to ensure you get the service you need. You can speak to a member of our team by calling us on 07 4952 6011 or contact us online today!

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance In Mackay

Electrician FAQs

There are some signs that you can look out for around your home which may indicate that you require professional electrical services from a licensed electrician. These include:

  • Your fuses are repeatedly blowing
  • Your lights regularly dim or flicker
  • You have discoloured switches or sockets that look scorched
  • There is a lingering burning smell in your home
  • You receive an electric shock when you place plugs into sockets or turn switches on/off

It goes without saying, but you should never attempt to make electrical repairs yourself. Electricians are licensed and qualified to work closely with electrical equipment and know how to handle a range of electrical problems, which can be very dangerous to laymen. It’s in your best interest, and the interest of your family, to let professionals carry out all repairs. Trying to do electrical repairs yourself, no matter how minor they seem, can actually lead to injury, or even death.

To make sure that your electrical system is functioning efficiently and safely, it is recommended that you hire a licensed electrician to carry out a regular electrical service. Like cars, all electrical installations deteriorate over time, so it’s extremely valuable to catch minor problems before they escalate and end up costing you a lot of money.

We can provide regular electrical checks for your home to give you peace of mind and to ensure that you don’t have to worry about electrical hazards such as fires. We recommend that an electrical check takes place every 3 to 5 years.

Yes, there are many ways that you can save energy, which will, in turn, reduce your bills. We can help you with this by recommending some energy-efficient alternatives to add to your home. For example, we can install energy-efficient lighting across your home or even install solar panels for you to generate electricity and power your property, meaning you rely less on the grid.

If you’re interested in making your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, you can contact a member of our team for some advice about what will work best for you.