The Benefits Of Hiring A Contracted Property Maintenance Team

A Property Maintenance

If you want to keep your property in top condition, high-quality property management is vital. A good property management team ensures your building looks its best and that all the building systems run smoothly and optimally. In addition, if a repair does need completing, you can rely on the property management team to get the job done quickly and with minimal disruption. The challenge for many companies is deciding whether to hire an outside team to complete building maintenance work or recruit an in-house team. Listed below are some of the reasons why businesses are choosing to outsource the task of keeping their premises in top-notch condition.

Property Maintenance And Home Repair

A Team That Hits The Ground Running

When you outsource your property maintenance, you can expect seasoned tradies to be on-site, ready to complete the jobs that need doing as soon as you’re ready for them. In contrast to hiring an in-house team, you won’t pay advertising or recruitment costs and don’t have to fulfil any HR responsibilities. It’s not your problem to cover any maintenance team absences – the company you’re contracting with will ensure you always have a full complement of workers to carry out the work you need.

You also won’t need to invest in training or provide an induction period – a professional team of maintenance workers is already used to working with each other and successfully completing all required maintenance tasks to an impeccable standard. Once you’ve agreed on what needs to be done, you can leave the team to get on with it.

An External Team Knows What’s Needed

Whilst some companies have a clear understanding of what’s needed when it comes to successful property maintenance, others may not be entirely clear about what’s needed. Start-ups and smaller companies, in particular, may not have the in-house expertise to identify a suitable maintenance schedule. When you outsource, your team can add expert input to your decision-making, giving you the information needed to make informed decisions on the maintenance that’s needed.

Only Pay for The Work You Need

If you’ve only got a small set of premises, or the premises have recently been refurbished, you may not require a full-time maintenance team. In these circumstances, outsourcing is a cost-effective method of getting the assistance you need for just a few hours a week or month. The amount of input you receive can be scaled up or down, depending on need – outsourcing offers considerable scaling flexibility.

Multi-Disciplinary Team at Your Disposal

Building maintenance requires the services of several different tradies including builders, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and handymen. Using a contracted team means you get access to the tradies that are right for the job. If you need a carpenter one week and a plumber the next, a suitable outsourced team will be provided. In contrast, if you have an in-house maintenance department, you may still need to supplement their work with outside companies for certain projects.

High-Grade Services for A Fraction of In-House Cost

Every member of a professional property maintenance team is a time-served, highly experienced tradie that brings a wealth of expertise to the upkeep of your premises. Outsourcing guarantees you access to high-grade professionals for all aspects of your property maintenance work.

Pro-Active, Scheduled Maintenance

If required, your team will proactively manage your maintenance schedule. This minimises the risk of tasks being overlooked, reduces the possibility of unwanted failure and may even prolong the lifespan of your building’s fabric and systems.

With so many advantages, it’s little surprise that a contracted property maintenance team is an attractive solution for many companies. To find out more about the benefits using outsourced property management can bring, talk to the team at Jayden Enterprises.


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